About MyFringePlanner

The Story

Every August, Edinburgh plays host to the magnificent Fringe, the world’s largest arts and culture festival and most ticketed event after the Olympic Games! 1000s of shows are performed around the clock, ranging from comedy to cabaret, circus, theatre, dance and more!

You are thoroughly spoilt for choice but the flip side is the Herculean effort that goes into planning your festival. Fringe-goers are known to painstakingly construct monstrous, heavily formatted spreadsheets that scroll for miles with dozens of shortlisted shows and puzzle-pieced schedules!

Admittedly I actually love a spreadsheet but all that manual, error-prone work isn’t ideal so when Pitch Day came round for products to invent, design, code and launch as a final, 2 week project at Le Wagon, (the #1 ranked coding bootcamp on Switchup and Coursereport), the myfringeplanner web app was born!

Like most Fringe shows, myfringeplanner is still a WIP, but we'll be fully live with even more features soon...

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The Team

Dee Lye

Dee Lye

I'm an ex-investment banker extending my slightly sadistic enjoyment of the puzzle-solving nature of programming by beginning a new career as a full-stack developer with the ultimate dream of being able to work freelance from home or somewhere with a bring-your-dog-to-work policy!

Jessica DeWitt

Jessica DeWitt

I'm a recent college grad who worked as a freelance Content Creator. I want to learn code so that I can implement what I write and learn how to do front end development. After the program, I hope to get a job as a junior developer in Norway.

Agisilaos Karkalos

Agisilaos Karkalos

Hi My name is Agis, I am originally from Greece and moved here a few years ago. I have worked since in the hospitality industry and felt like it was time to change my career and give myself another challenge. I am looking forward to learn and meet some new people in the process! ghf!


Jahaira Castaneda

I have four years experience working in the mental health field as a therapist. I find coding to be very creative and have always been fascinated with how websites and applications are built. Looking forward to starting a new career that will challenge and allow me to find new opportunities in the tech industry.